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Competitive Gymnastics & Cheer

Classes aged 5+ to Adult

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"Jump off the beam, flip off the bars, follow your dreams, and reach for the stars!" 

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We welcome all gymnasts to be assessed for an Infinity Squad program, whether your child is a practising gymnast or cheerleader or new to the sport. 


Infinity Squad classes:

- offer a vibrant competitive program.

- cater to all ages from 5 +.

- start from pre-levels and foundation levels.

- accomodate all ages.

- deliver a clear pathway through the National Levels program. 

- help your child achieve at the higher levels.

- give your child the opportunity to excel in a fast track squad.


Having a strong track record of success, our accomplished team strive to deliver a positive and fun training environment, while working towards your child's goals.

If you are interested in high performance gymnastics, check out Infinity Elite


Entry into an Infinity Squads is by assessment only. 

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Teaching the best in basics

The highest towers are built on strong foundations. Here your child will learn everything they need to know to lead into future skills.

Times vary depending on classes.



Targeted pathways for committed gymnasts

Harder skills, tougher competition. Watch your child grow through their gymnastics journey, learning to execute new skills and strive to reach their goals in a no-pressure, positive environment. 

Times vary depending on classes.



Achieving excellence in gymnastics

Give your child a pathway to build upon their strengths while thriving in a precision training environment. Watch them flaunt their hard work and love of gymnastics in optional routines that showcase their ideal skills.

Times vary depending on classes.

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